Do You Feel Overweight?

May 05, 2003

Do you feel like you're overweight? Check out these facts on obesity, and how you can get in shape.

Maniac Monkeys on Magnolia Street

May 12, 2003

Charlene just moved, but it doesn't take long for her to meet the boy who will become her new best friend. Check out this read.

Quiz! National Hockey League Trivia

May 05, 2003

Do ya know what team's won the most Stanley Cups? Enter the Kidzworld Quiz Rink and see what you know about the world of hockey.

Quiz! Test Your Dawson's Creek Trivia!

May 01, 2003

How well do you know Joey Potter, Pacey Witter and the other peeps who have hung out in Capeside? Take this Dawson's Creek Quiz!

Dear Dish-It, How Do I Get My Life Back Together?

May 06, 2003

My dad is driving me crazy! He's always complaining and cussing and I'm fed up! How do I get my life back together?

Mike Ogas Talks Skateboarding

May 01, 2003

Looking to get more air on your ollie? Wanna know if Avril Lavigne's a poser? Check out Simon's chat with skateboarder, Mike Ogas.

Celebrity Recap - April 2003

May 02, 2003

Is Ashton Kutcher single? Which LOTR cast member was hitched? Which stars had birthdays? Get your April 2003 Hollywood news!

NHL 2003: Free PC Game Demo

May 01, 2003

Can't get enough hockey? Here's how to download the free computer game demo of EA's NHL 2003 and hit the ice on your home PC!

Disney Princess GBA Review

May 02, 2003

Disney's cartoon princesses are chillin' on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Is this video game worth checking out? Find out!

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Quiz! Which Beyblade Bladebreaker Are You?

You're having lunch in the cafeteria when a couple of peeps nearby start getting rowdy. What do you do?
  • Step in and break up the argument so nobody gets hurt.
  • Move to a new table so they don't spill your lunch.
  • Talk to them and see if you can calm them down.
  • Find out what the problem is and tell them how to solve it.