That '70s Show - Quotes From the Gang

Jan 27, 2003

Do you love spending couch time with Eric, Hyde, Donna, Jackie, Kelso, Fez, Kitty and Red? If ya do, check out some of these quotes from That '70s Show - one of the funniest half-hours on TV.

Quiz the Coach - Obesity & Asthma

Jan 06, 2003

I have asthma and my coach tells me to toughen up. How the heck can I toughen up my asthma when it's actually uncontrollable? What do you think I should do to make her stop being so tough?

Quiz! Test Your Skateboarding I.Q.

Jan 20, 2003

Are you a true skater who rides their board 24/7? Or are you a poser who doesn't know the difference between a pop-shuvit and a Pop Tart? Take Kidzworld's skateboarding quiz and find out.

Quiz! Test Your Art Smarts

Jan 14, 2003

Picasso, Degas, Cezanne... do any of these names sound familiar? No, they're not American Idol boy band wannabes. Think you know a Miro from a Monet. Take the quiz and test your Art Smarts.

Fashion Police :: Best and Worst Dressed of 2002

Jan 02, 2003

Every year there are celebrities who manage to blow us away with their stylish fashions while others blind us with their hideously ugly clothes. Find out who were the best and worst dressed in 2002.

The Five Greatest Games of 2002

Jan 01, 2003

The holidays are here and 2002 is almost over. It's time to join Gary for a look back at the hottest new games of the year for Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC and even cool card games!

Lamest Games of 2002

Jan 01, 2003

For every cool game, there's a stinker. It doesn't matter if it's for Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, PC, Game Boy or even a card game. Here are the lamest games of 2002 - stay away from 'em!

Top Athletes of 2002

Jan 02, 2003

From Barry Bonds' big batting average to Michael Vick's fancy footwork on the football field... Here's a look at Kidzworld's top ten slam-dunking, touchdown-tossing, homerun-hitting athletes of 2002.

Top Movies of 2002

Jan 02, 2003

There were lots of flicks in 2002. Kidzworld has selected 5 flicks that we thought rocked and five that... well, didn't. Here are Kidzworld's picks for top 5 best - and worst - movies of 2002. Check it out!

Why Cheerleading Rocks!

Jan 06, 2003

Kidzworld recently did some trash talking about cheerleading. We called cheerleaders stupid and snobby. But a lot of peeps say cheerleading is 'da bomb and think cheerleaders get a bad rap.

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