The N's Student Body TV Show Facts

Laila Ali hosts The N's Student Body, where rival high-school students change their lives by getting into shape and compete for $25,000 dollars.


  • Laila Ali - Laila is the daughter of boxing legend Muhammed Ali and is the current undefeated Super Middleweight Boxing Champion of the world, with a 24-0 record, and 21 knock-outs. In 2007, Laila took on a new challenge, competing on Dancing with the Stars and in January 2008, she joined Hulk Hogan to co-host American Gladiators.
  • Trainers

  • Eric Carlson - Eric excelled at sports from a very early age, and played football in college. After battling alcohol and drug addiction, Eric became a motivational speaker and fitness trainer. He has been a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and appeared in many fitness magazines.
  • Sam Upton - A personal trainer based in Los Angeles, Sam describes his fitness technique as hard, strict and goofy. Sam is a big kid at heart and believes strong guidance and positive role models are the healthiest way to motivate teens to make a difference in their lives.
  • Competitors

  • Tana - Tana's family has a history of health issues, and the excess weight on her body is beginning to take its toll. Despite having a weakness for fatty fast foods, she is determined to get healthy and prove to the world that she can drop the pounds.
  • Rebecca - When Rebecca feels stressed out, she turns to food for comfort, because it doesn't yell at her or criticize her. She's very outgoing and would love to be a cheerleader, but she feels that her weight makes that impossible.
  • Bronson - Bronson is hearing impaired, but he plays football without the help of his hearing aid. Bronson started on the varsity football team his freshman year, but was moved down to junior varsity due to his weight gain.
  • Chaz - Chaz splits his time between football and show choir, he wants to lose weight so that girls stop thinking of him as just a friend. One week before the taping of the show, Chaz's mother, a morbidly obese woman who weighed over 500 pounds, died from complications due to obesity. Chaz is determined to develop a healthier lifestyle and make his mom proud.
  • Jilashli - Jilashli comes from a skinny family and hates being the only one who is overweight. She has always joked around about her weight, but now, instead of pretending everything is okay, she is ready to get serious and make some changes.
  • Haylee - Surrounded by skinny family members and friends, Haylee has always felt like an outsider. She plays softball and volleyball, but this year, her coach cut her from the varsity volleyball team for being too heavy. Haylee is very active, but she struggles to stay in shape.
  • Julian - When he plays football, Julian's extra weight makes him a strong competitor, but in his daily life, it's dragging him down. A self-described poor eater, he knows he'll have to make big changes to lose weight and get healthy.
  • Wayne - Wayne is an outgoing guy who loves to perform, but he's insecure about his weight. He sings and dances in musical theater productions, but because he's so heavy, not many roles are available to him.
  • Kevin - Kevin loves video games and often sits inside alone instead of doing something active. He's tried diet after diet, but says they just don't work for him. Kevin's ready to become healthier in every aspect of his life, and his big sister Rebecca is also on the MacArthur team.
  • Andrea - When Andrea made show choir, a girl said to her, "That's really weird, because normally only skinny girls make it." Andrea is sick of being the token big girl, but she claims to have no self-control. She's ready to stop fantasizing about a healthier lifestyle and start living it for real.
  • Mike - Mike is tired of getting taunted because of his weight. He says the mirror is his best friend, but lately, he's not happy with his reflection. He considers himself high maintenance, and he's ready to start maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
  • Temisan - MacArthur High School's student body president, Temisan is a member of the National Honor Society and has a 4.0 grade point average. She blames her weight gain on late-night dinners and a lack of free time. Temisan hopes that losing weight will help her pursue her greatest ambition, becoming President of the United States[/KWLINK].
  • Fun Facts

  • The N's Student Body premieres Friday, July 11th at 8 o'clock eastern and then will air every Sunday for 8 weeks.
  • In the premiere episode, the teams tackle Sears Tower's 103 flights of stairs.
  • MacArthur and Eisenhower are rival schools from Decatur, Illinois.
  • The winning school and individual who changes the most will each win $25 thousand bucks.
  • The N's Student Body was created by the same group who created Ugly Betty, The Biggest Loser, American Gladiators and Nashville Star, among others.
  • Quotes

    "Change doesn’t come easy." - Tara

    "I totally love Laila Ali, so whatever she has us do, I am up for it." - Wayne

    "The goal in this competition is change, change in nutrition, change in the body, and most of all change in attitude." - Laila

    "My style is going to be getting into their heads. I want them thinking and knowing that they can achieve anything, because I know they can." - Eric

    "With me in the driver’s seat, failure is not an option and I will not give up on them and there’s no way I’ll let them give up on themselves." - Sam

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