Nov 26, 2001

Could a robot possibly have a better shot than David Beckham? Could a team of android soccer players outscore the World Cup champions? A team of scientists believes it could happen - soon.

DM2 Mixing System Winners

Nov 12, 2001

Yo Yo DJ's! U a rmixaholic? Then satisfy the urge now. Mix, Scratch and Warp like a club master with your own Digital Music Maker to create, record and burn your own mixes.

Strange Diseases

Nov 13, 2001

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet? If you suffer from werewolf syndrome you can go as you are. Same if you have blue skin - just one of the bonuses of having a rare disease.

Street Luge - Biker Sherlock

Nov 29, 2001

Imagine jumping on your skateboard and flying down a hill at 70 miles per hour with no brakes. That's what Biker Sherlock does for a living. He has a need for speed and absolutely no fear.

On The Line Contest!

Nov 12, 2001

The movie is in the theaters and a movie poster and soundtrack could be headin' to your home soon. Yep! Our On The Line contest is a done deal. Find out if you lucked-out and won.

Win Lil Bow Wow's Beware of the Video & a Sony Stereo!

Nov 16, 2001

Ten of you won an awesome doggy bag filled with a Lil Bow Wow vid, a DVD and vinyl. One of you even scored a killer Sony Stereo on top of it all! Check if you'll be jammin' Bow Wow-style.

High Anxiety?

Nov 30, 2001

At times, we all feel bad or overwhelmed with our world, our friends, and our life. But let me tell you, there is nothing that anyone could say or do to me that would make me want to hurt myself.

Enter To Win a Gametime Watch!

Nov 13, 2001

Which NBA team rocks your world? The Lakers? The 76'ers? The Raptors? Whichever team it is, you'll never miss another game if you won a Gametime watch. Check it out and see if you scored!

More Red-Faced Moments

Nov 26, 2001

The thing about embarassing moments - once you hear one person's, you can think of 10 of your own! These Kidzworld members aren't afraid to tell ya about their red-faced moments. Listen up.

Sports Update

Nov 01, 2001

Osgood is so good in goal for the New York Islanders, the Galaxy gets rocked by a major league earthquake and surprise, surprise... the New York Yankees are in the World Series.

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