Offensive Linemen: Big Men, Big Job

Sep 10, 2004

It's the position in football that requires size, strength and very little glory. KW looks at the world of an offensive lineman.

Salvador Dali Biography

Sep 10, 2004

Salvador Dali was one of the greatest Surrealists of our time. Find out more about the wacky man behind the wacky art!

Outkast Biography

Sep 10, 2004

Way back in the early 1990's, a couple of high school kids in Atlanta, Georgia joined forces to form the hip-hop group we now know as Outkast.

Sindy's Blog - September 9, 2004

Sep 10, 2004

So, as if going back to school isn't torture enough, I have to have like, the worst possible day on the first day back.

Neopets Card Game: Mystery Island Expansion Set Review

Sep 10, 2004

The cute and collectible Neopets are heading to Mystery Island with the Neopets card game. Get the game review here!

Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Sep 13, 2004

Plastic surgery is common among Hollywood celebs, but which stars have gone under the knife, and which stories are just rumors?


Sep 14, 2004

Imagine popping an ollie or riding a rail on water! Kidzworld check out the boards, shoes and other gear you need to start wakeskating.

Simon's Blog - September 14, 2004

Sep 15, 2004

I fell asleep in math class today and dreamed I was making out with that chick I met at the Warped Tour.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Game Cheats: Potion Class Ingredients

Sep 13, 2004

Snape makes Harry Potter get some strange potion ingredients and we have a PS2 game cheat on how to get 'em all!

Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen GBA Video Game Reviews

Sep 15, 2004

The new Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green Game Boy Advance video games are out. We review the games here!

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