Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Game Cheats: Slytherin Dungeon

Jul 21, 2003

Gary's got a video game walk-through for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on PS2. Get the 411 on the Slytherin Dungeon!

Quiz! Decoding Boy Speak!

Jul 21, 2003

Do you think you know what boys are trying to tell ya all the time? Why not test your boy-talk know-how with this quiz!

Quiz the Coach - He Low-Blowed Me

Jul 21, 2003

I was having a wrestling match with my friend for fun. I was starting to win, so he decided to low-blow me as hard as he could.

Johnny English Movie Review

Jul 19, 2003

Can't get enough of those accidental agent movies like Spy Kids and Cody Banks? Johnny English will cure you of all that. Check out Kidzworld's review of Rowan Atkinson's latest movie.

Quiz the Coach - Softball Stuff

Jul 28, 2003

I just started playing lob ball and the rules are very different. Do you get called out if you step on home plate when you bat?

Dear Dish-It, My Mom Is Dying of Cancer

Jul 22, 2003

"My mother is dying of cancer and I want to hurt myself constantly. I have attempted already." Find out what Dish-It has to say!

Lillix Biography

Jul 23, 2003

What do four girls from a small town do for fun? They rock out and get discovered by Madonna. Read more on Lillix right here!

F1 Challenge Game Review

Jul 24, 2003

If you're a demon for things that go vroom, let F1 Challenge '99-'02 satisfy that need for speed. EA Sports puts you in the pits.

Now 13 CD Review

Jul 25, 2003

If you're looking for a CD to rock to this summer, then this CD is for you! It has the top 20 songs to hit the top of the charts!

Sindy's Blog - July 24, 2003

Jul 25, 2003

Yesterday the heat was really getting to us so, Simon and I decided to invent our very own summer treat to cool ourselves down.

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Quiz! What Kind of GF Are You?

Your cell phone rings during an important discussion with your BF. What do you do?
  • Let your voice mail pick it up.
  • Apologize profusely and turn it off immediately.
  • Answer it and quickly tell whoever it is you'll call them back.
  • Answer it and get into a long conversation with your friend about the latest gossip. Your BF can wait a minute.