This Week in Sports :: June 30-July 4, 2008

Jul 03, 2008

Swimmer Dara Torres tries out for her fifth Olympics and Tyson Gay sets the American 100 meter record.

U Command Wall●E Toy Review

Jul 03, 2008

U Command Wall●E comes to life with animated movements, expressions, lights and sounds as you command him to do whatever you want with the wireless remote control!

Manny Pacquiao Biography

Jul 04, 2008

Think boxing is dead? This Filipino superstar is proving that boxing has someone worth watching! Check out the best pound for pound fighter in the world!

Dear Dish-It, Why Do Guys Think They Have to Look Good?

Jul 04, 2008

Why do guys think they have to look good everywhere they go? I feel that all they care about are their looks.

PS3 Problem, Viva Pinata, Skate It, Chrono Trigger and Spidey

Jul 07, 2008

Get the 411 on a PS3 crash, new Viva Pinata, Skate It video, and controlling Spider-Man!

Jonas Brothers' Camp Rock Furniture Collection Review

Jul 07, 2008

Here's a treat for all you Jonas Brothers fans - you can now bring 'em into your room with this all-new Camp Rock furniture collection!

Hottest Summer Songs 2008

Jul 08, 2008

Check out Kidzworld's list of the summer's hottest tracks and make your own perfect mix.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 :: DS Game Review

Jul 08, 2008

Lead a team of fantasy heroes in the magic world of Ivalice with this Nintendo DS RPG. Here’s Gary’s review!

The N's Student Body TV Show Facts

Jul 08, 2008

Laila Ali hosts The N's Student Body, where rival high-school students change their lives by getting into shape and compete for $25,000 dollars.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Jul 08, 2008

As the seasons change, so should your skin care treatment. Kidzworld has the tips you need to help you care for your complexion during the hot summer months.

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