Quiz! Who's Your Valentine's Jock Crush?

Feb 03, 2005

Find out which athlete is your Valentine's dream boy by taking Kidzworld's Who's Your Valentine's Jock Crush quiz!

Ultimate Video Game Giveaway - Top Xbox Games!

Feb 01, 2005

Wanna know what the best Xbox games around are? Kidzworld's got the must have list for your Xbox console.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3: PS2 Game Review

Feb 01, 2005

Is saving the world with Goku in Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 for the PS2 a blast? Find out with this video game review!

Casting Call - Canadian Idol 3

Feb 03, 2005

Listen up Canadians: the search is on for the next Canadian Idol! If you think you have what it takes, then get ready to show the world your superstar skills.

February 2005 Horoscopes

Feb 01, 2005

Big changes are coming Libra's way, Cancer's in love and Leo is fun to be around. Get your February horoscope here!

Black History Month

Feb 03, 2005

February is Black History Month, a time to remember the African Americans who made countless contributions to help shape the country we live in today.

Cartoons That Never Go Out Of Style

Feb 04, 2005

Old school cartoon characters, The Jetsons, Looney Tunes and Mickey Mouse star in some hilarious new collections on DVD!

Simon's Blog - February 1, 2005

Feb 02, 2005

My friend Josh got expelled last week and is going to have to find a new place to go to class. I couldn't believe it.

Celebrity Recap - January 2005

Feb 02, 2005

Brad and Jen have called it quits and so have Orlando and Kate. Get all your celebrity gossip for January 2005 right here!

Quiz! Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Master Duelist Are You?

Feb 17, 2005

Every Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist has a dueling style - which one are you most like? Take this free online quiz and find out!

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Quiz! What Kind of GF Are You?

Your cell phone rings during an important discussion with your BF. What do you do?
  • Let your voice mail pick it up.
  • Apologize profusely and turn it off immediately.
  • Answer it and quickly tell whoever it is you'll call them back.
  • Answer it and get into a long conversation with your friend about the latest gossip. Your BF can wait a minute.