Team USA Olympic Gear

Feb 17, 2006

From track suits to hats to scarves, check out the latest Olympic gear from the 2006 Winter Olympics. A look at the latest gear from the Canadian and American Olympic teams.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Spellcaster's Judgement Deck Review

Feb 17, 2006

The Spellcaster's Judgement Structure Deck for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game is here and we review the dueling power!

Bring Me the Head of Oliver Plunkett Book Review

Feb 18, 2006

A missing head, gangs, the mob, and a guy who loves to blow stuff up. Eddie's up to his ears in mayhem and we review it!

Quiz the Coach - I Want To Get To The Olympics

Feb 20, 2006

My goal in life is to go to the 2012 Olympics. I want to do volleyball - I'm good. How do I get to the Olympics?

Pokemon Emerald Game Cheats: Action Replay Codes

Feb 18, 2006

Power up your Pokemon Emerald

Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island TV Show Facts

Feb 21, 2006

It's an island of talking fruit and a coconut with magical powers. Meet the crazy folks of Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island!

Child-Founded Charities

Feb 23, 2006

All it takes is an idea to become a project to become an organization. Check out these kids who started charities to help people and their communities.

Neopets Game Delayed & New Super Mario Bros Previews!

Feb 21, 2006

The Neopets PSP game gets delayed and we have preview picsof the awesome New Super Mario Bros. DS game!

Quiz! Test Your Unfabulous Trivia

Feb 22, 2006

Are you a fabulous fan of Emma Roberts' TV show, Unfabulous? Well get ready to test your trivia with this free, online quiz!

New Winter Olympic Sports

Feb 22, 2006

From snowball fights to toboggan races, Kidzworld looks at sports we'd like to see at the next Winter Olympics. Check out this look at snowball fights, skier cross, snowshoe racing and other winter sports.

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