Dec 20, 2004

Looking for something a little out of the ordinary to watch on Saturday mornings? Why not check out

Fat Albert Movie Review

Dec 27, 2004

Old school cartoon characters, Fat Albert and his funky friends, come to life to help a lonely teen, but they end up facing their own troubles!

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Review

Dec 21, 2004

The poor Baudelaire orphans are on the PS2, Xbox and Game-cube. Find out how unfortunate this game is with our review.

Dear Dish-It, What Did I Do Wrong?

Dec 28, 2004

I took one of my friends to homecoming. She really wanted to go and I was reluctant... Now she won't even talk to me.

Simon's Blog - December 21, 2004

Dec 22, 2004

Well, I'm done with girls for a while. Remember that cute girl Rachel who I, really, really liked? We broke up.

Kidzworld's Top Athletes of 2004

Dec 29, 2004

From the hardest homerun hitters to the fastest swimmers, Kidzworld checks out some of the top athletes of 2004.

Kidzworld's Top Unplugged Games of 2004

Dec 30, 2004

From Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to board games or miniature strategy games, Gary plays 'em all. Check out his list of the coolest un-plugged games of 2004!

Sindy's Blog - December 30, 2004

Dec 31, 2004

The holidays definitely aren't the same since my parents split up. But I'm trying to focus on having a Happy New Year!

Kidzworld's Top Extreme Athletes 2004

Dec 31, 2004

Who got the biggest air? Who landed the sickest tricks? Kidzworld checks out some of the top action sports athletes from 2004.

Magic: The Gathering: Ravnica: Theme Deck Reviews

Dec 09, 2004

The new Ravnica cards are here for the Magic card game. We review the color-combo guilds and new Theme Decks!

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