Reserve Officer Training Corps Profile

Nov 16, 2005

Do you want to be all that you can be - in the army, navy or air force? Then check out what the ROTC can offer you!

The Lowdown on Lymphoma

Nov 17, 2005

Lymphoma causes swollen glands in your neck, armpit and groin. Learn more about this disease, which is the third most common cancer in kids.

Steve Nash Biography

Nov 17, 2005

Can wild-haired, point guard Steve Nash take the Phoenix Suns to an NBA title? Kidzworld checks out the reigning MVP of the NBA. Check out this biography and pictures of this Canadian basketball superstar.

Destiny's Child and *NSYNC CD Reviews

Nov 17, 2005

Destiny's Child and *NSYNC have released discs of their greatest hits. Should you add them to your collection?

Celebrity Fashion Lines - Nicky Hilton

Nov 21, 2005

While Paris gets attention for partying, Nicky is making a name for herself by designing her own fashion line called Chick!

2005 Snowboarding Jackets

Nov 18, 2005

Keep warm and look good when you're riding the slopes this winter. Check out some of the newest snowboarding jackets for 2005.

Sindy's Blog - November 17, 2005

Nov 18, 2005

Thanks for sending all of your Halloween stories! Are you guys excited about Thanksgiving? I know I am.

Be A Good Sport

Nov 21, 2005

From being a good loser to cheering on your teammates, check out the Coach's guide to good sportsmanship. Check out this look at good and bad sportsmanship in youth sports.

Eldest Book Review

Nov 21, 2005

This epic fantasy adventure was written by a teen author and is challenging Harry Potter's coolness. We review the second novel, Eldest, right here.

Dream Life Plug and Play Game Review

Nov 21, 2005

Dream Life is a cool new game that allows you to create a virtual world complete with friends, new clothes and more!

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