Quiz! Test Your Ben 10 Trivia

Apr 11, 2008

Are you Ben 10's biggest fan? Put your skills to the test and show us what you know about Ben 10! Take Kidzworld's free online quiz.

Dear Dish-It, I Feel Like the Most Unfashionable Kid

Apr 11, 2008

I'm embarrassed to wear the same clothes every day, and can't afford to buy new clothes cuz my parents are having troubles with money.

Free Wii, Iron Man, DS 2.0, FFIV and More

Apr 14, 2008

Get the scoop on Iron Man, a new DS rumor, Kung Fu Panda exclusives, Final Fantasy IV and Pokemon vs. pirates. Yar-har!

Quiz the Coach :: Im in a Slump!

Apr 14, 2008

For the past six games I haven't been able to hit the baseball at all! I want to be hitting again! Please help me get out of my slump!

Stikfas Toy Review

Apr 14, 2008

The Stikfas toys' slogan is "It's simply fun!" Are they telling the truth? Kidzworld does the review and finds out!

The Shell Magicians Book Review

Apr 14, 2008

We dug for treasure in Kai Meyer's pirate-packed new novel, The Shell Magicians. Read our book review to see what we found!

Mario Kart Wii :: Wii Game Cheats

Apr 14, 2008

Unleash mad kart racing fun with these cheats for Mario Kart Wii for the Nintendo Wii!

Mariah Carey Biography

Apr 15, 2008

Mariah Carey is one of the world's biggest divas and best singers. Kidzworld takes a closer look at the superstar's incredible career.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon :: DS Game Previews

Apr 15, 2008

We have video previews of the new Pokemon games for DS that let you become a Pokemon and enter a huge world of adventure!

NBA Playoffs Quiz

Apr 15, 2008

With the 2008 NBA Playoffs are just around the corner, its time to test your playoff knowledge! Take Kidzworld's free online quiz!

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Quiz! Which O.C. Character Are You?

What is your fave thing to do after school?
  • I have an after school job.
  • I like to skateboard or play video games.
  • I like to go to the mall and shop 'til I drop!
  • I am in a ton of groups at school: social club, cheerleading, debate team, etc. - so there is always a meeting to attend.