Sindy's Blog - July 14, 2005

Aug 03, 2005

I've just been lounging around for the last few weeks chillin' with my pals, but I'm running out of cash so I got a summer job!

Trollz Doll Review

Aug 13, 2005

Big hair is back! Enjoy fashion, friendship and funky hair with the latest collection of fun and colorful Trollz Dolls.

How to Get Sun-Streaked Hair

Aug 01, 2005

Hit the salon for sun-kissed highlights, or use household items like lemon juice and chamomile tea to lighten and brighten up!

Simon's Blog - August 2, 2005

Aug 03, 2005

I feel like I've been living inside an oven for the past two weeks. It's been so stinking hot this summer.

August 2005 Horoscopes

Aug 02, 2005

What can you expect from your last month of vacation before you head back to school? Get your August horoscopes here!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: GC, PC, PS2 & Xbox Game Review

Aug 02, 2005

It's candy time on the Gamecube, Playstation 2 and Xbox! Is saving Willy Wonka's factory sweet or sour? Find out here!

Singing Coach Unlimited Review

Aug 01, 2005

Wanna learn to sing like the stars? You can train to become the next American Idol with Singing Coach Unlimited.

Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich - Free Video Game Demo

Aug 04, 2005

Superhero time! Battle the forces of evil as a costumed superhero and save the day with this free video game demo.

The Veronicas Interview

Aug 05, 2005

With a sassy name, edgy attitude and killer looks, The Veronicas are showing the world they were born to rock out. Check out what these twin sisters had to say!

Surviving the Elements This Summer!

Aug 05, 2005

With summertime wilderness exploration comes bee stings, bug bites and sun burn. Learn how to treat them at home!

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