Disney Karaoke CD Reviews

Nov 23, 2006

You love singing. You love Disney. What could be more perfect than Disney Karaoke? We take a look at the latest CDs from the Disney Karaoke series.

Kidzworld's Top 5 Nintendo Wii Video Games

Nov 24, 2006

The Nintendo Wii console has arrived! But, what games are hot enough to make your Christmas list? Here are Gary's faves!

Star Wars Miniatures: Starship Battles Game Review

Nov 24, 2006

Command Star Wars star ships, from Jedi Star fighters to massive Star Destroyers, in this new game! We review it here.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Xbox 360 Game Cheats: Gamerscore

Nov 25, 2006

Use these Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox 360 game cheats to score Gamerscore points, unlock characters and more!

Deck the Halls DVD Review

Nov 27, 2006

It's that time of year again when the lights are twinkling, Santa's back at the mall and a whole slew of Christmas DVDs are heading your way!

Pinky and The Brain TV Show Facts

Nov 28, 2006

They're tiny, white and want to take over the universe. Get the 411 on everyone's favorite genetically modified mice!

Nintendo Wii System Crash and Sony PSP 3.0 Update!

Nov 28, 2006

Is the Nintendo Wii system update crashing the console? What's in the new PSP 3.0 update? Get the 411 here!

The Cheetah Girls 2 DVD Review

Nov 29, 2006

The Cheetah Girls are back on the prowl but are they still as fierce as ever? Kidzworld checks out their latest DVD!

Konami Live! Online Game Controller Review

Nov 29, 2006

Play classic and powered-up online games with the Konami Live! Online Game Controller. Here's Gary's game review!

Animals of the Ice Age

Nov 29, 2006

If you think your winter walk to school is cold, just imagine what it would be like to live in an ice age. We take a look at animals that thrived in that environment.

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