Dear Dish-It: How Do I Make New Friends?

May 03, 2009

I just moved to a new house and a new school. Everyone at my new school has an attitude. They’re all really rude and the girls bring their cells to school and text each other – it’s very distracting and all the girls are very snobby and rude.

The Aching Effects of MSG

May 03, 2009

Do you love Chinese food but find that it always gives you a stomach ache? That's because most Chinese food contains MSG. Find out how MSG affects your body and how you can avoid it.

Kortney Nash Interview

May 03, 2009

Kortney Nash is only 7 years old and she's already a huge face on the acting scene. Now she's starring in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Kidzworld talks to her about the flick!

The Record Life :: Interview

May 03, 2009

The Record Life is one guy--Jake Johnson--and he's a talented musician with a new album of catchy, explosive songs you'll have in your head for days! Check out Kidzworld's interview with Jake!

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure :: DS Game Review

May 04, 2009

Only the best dressed gentleman will succeed, according to Henry Hatsworth. Luckily for him, his game definitely fits the bill.

History Of Hamburgers

May 04, 2009

Sure, everyone knows that the hamburger comes from Hamburg and the frankfurter comes from Frankfurt (both are cities in Germany). What could be plainer? But it may interest you to know that while the meats themselves are German in origin, the idea of plac

Go Play Outside!

May 04, 2009

With summer right around the corner, we thought it made sense to remind all you kids out there that getting away from the computer or TV screen and getting outside is about much more than taking advantage of the sunshine and warm weather. It’s also crit

Strawberry Sensation

May 04, 2009

Everyone loves strawberries! Bright-red, juicy and sweet, they’re one of the fruits we look forward to eating all summer long. This year, why not plant and grow your very own strawberries?

May Days: Special Days In The Month Of May :: 2009 Edition

May 04, 2009

May is one of the most gorgeous months of the year. All winter long we’ve been hibernating from the cold and waiting for the sun to come out from behind the clouds. Find out more about Special Days in May!

Constellations :: An Out-of-This-World Science Fair Project

May 04, 2009

Looking to ace your science fair project this year? Why not reach for the stars with this simple, fun and district-winning science fair project on constellations!

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