The History of Roller Skating

Oct 02, 2012

Whether you think roller skating is hell on wheels or free-wheelin’ fun, it has been a popular pastime and even a competitive sport for longer than most of us realize. Did you know that roller skating dates all the way back to the 1700s? Find out more in The History of Roller Skating.

Conor Kennedy Bio

Oct 02, 2012

Teen heartthrob Conor Kennedy comes from what can only be described as American royalty, being related to one of the most recognizable political families in the U.S. who’s history dramatic (and some say cursed!) He’s recently made a splash in the news as country singer Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend. Find out more about him in his Kidzworld Bio!

How to Make a Cornucopia

Oct 03, 2012

A cornucopia is an ancient symbol for abundance. Literally it translates from its Latin derivative as, “horn of plenty”. Today the cornucopia is most often seen on a Thanksgiving table overflowing with fruits and veggies like apples and pumpkins. Sometimes the cornucopia is made of wicker, sometimes it’s made of bread and at the best of times it’s made of waffle cone.

World of Warcraft

Oct 03, 2012

World of Warcraft™ is the most popular online game on the planet, with over 9 million players from every country you can imagine.

How to Dress for your Zodiac Sign: Libra

Oct 03, 2012

Libra girls are well-balanced and love to find harmony and peace, even in their style. Here's how to dress for your Zodiac sign!

Bas Rutten's BOOMbastic Words of Wisdom

Oct 03, 2012

Bas Rutten's BOOMbastic Words of Wisdom

The X Factor: Season 2, Episode 7:: Bootcamp #1

Oct 03, 2012

This week on The X Factor the contestants that made it through auditions head to bootcamp! Find out more in the Kidzworld Recap of Episode 7, Bootcamp #1.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Oct 04, 2012

There is so much environmental mess in the world today, more and more people are changing their own daily lifestyles to change things around.

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Oct 04, 2012

Twelve-year-old Sophie has never quite fit into her life. Read all about the new book "Keeper of the Lost Cities"!

People Like Us on Blu-Ray and DVD

Oct 04, 2012

Bring Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde home with People Like Us on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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