Barenaked Ladies Biography

Apr 24, 2001

Back in the day this group got a ton of flack over the name Barenaked Ladies. Although there are no ladies in the group, Barenaked Men just didn't have the same ring. They wanted attention!

Pokemon Banned

Apr 24, 2001

Pikachu I ban you! Uh, oh. Saudi Arabia has just banned all Pokemon cards, games and even toys. They've decided that the game encourages gambling and un-islamic teachings.

2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

Apr 23, 2001

Just when you thought awards show season was over, along comes the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. This show is not by any means the best, but it's not the worst (that would be the Grammys.)

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

Apr 23, 2001

Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle had a few words to share and some awards to hand out at the 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Check out the glitz, the glamour and the winners.

2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

Apr 23, 2001

That sexy Latin heart throb Ricky opened the Blockbuster Awards with a bang! He started singing Loaded from outside the building and headed inside while performing down the aisle to the main stage.

Skateboarding Toys

Apr 25, 2001

A tool that makes sure your board is always ready to go - and something to make sure your annoying sister never touches your board. Here's a couple of gadgets to give you a better riding experience.

Star Wars: Starfighter :: PS2 Game Cheat Codes

Apr 24, 2001

Trade Federation getting you down? Too many blasters and not enough shields? If you're stuck and the Force can't help, you need a power up. Check these out and get ready to rule the skies.

Survivor - Episode 11

Apr 24, 2001

Well, it's a good time for Colby, but no one else. Not only does Barramundi have to brave a flood but they also have to deal with Jerri's scary stares during tribal council. What a nightmare!

Samba de Amigo :: Dreamcast Game Review

Apr 26, 2001

Get ready to shake, shake, shake your maracas with some hot dancing tunes. Samba de Amigo is a kooky dance game for your Dreamcast system. It'll get your feet tapping and your body moving.

Bust a Groove with Cody Morton

Apr 26, 2001

If you're like most kidz you like to crank up the radio for the latest tunes. Cody Morton likes radio so much that he runs his own radio program called Bust a Groove - and he's only 12.

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