NBA Action Figures - McFarlane Toys

Oct 15, 2002

The NBA action figures from McFarlane Toys look so real, you'll think a Harry Potter wannabe cast a shrinking spell on Kobe and Vince and froze them just as they're about to dunk the ball.

World Eating Records

Oct 29, 2002

How many hotdogs could you eat in 12 minutes? Would you dare to eat a cockroach? Check out this list of bizarre eating records and vote for the one you think is the most impressive.

The Legends of Bigfoot, Sasquatch & the Yeti

Oct 04, 2002

He's tall, he's hairy and you don't want to run into him at night. He's known by many names like Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch and has been a mystery for hundreds of years. But does he really exist?

Being Thin & Small Can Suck

Oct 27, 2002

Some peeps are bigger and heavier and they get teased about it. But, did you know peeps also get teased for being small? Life Coach Lisa helps out a Kidzworld member who gets bugged for being tiny.

Carey Hart Biography

Oct 15, 2002

He's known for turning huge back flips on his motorcycle and flipping head over heels for Pink. Read on to find more about the big air and broken bones of motocross master, Carey Hart.

Quiksilver Backpacks & Clothing

Oct 21, 2002

The Cheapskate II backpack from Quiksilver has room for everything you need to take to school - your skateboard, your CD player, your tunes... You may even find room to put your homework.

Business Development Associate

Oct 28, 2002

Do ya ever look at a box of cereal and think the packaging sucks? Think you can do better? Then you may have what it takes to work for a design studio. See if this job could be the one for you!

Dear Dish-It, I've Been Dumped Three Times

Oct 28, 2002

This guy and I were dating but he broke up with me two times. The third time, when he asked me to be his girlfriend he promised he wouldn't break up with me. What happens? He breaks up with me... AGAIN!

3LW / Mini Disc Walkman!

Oct 04, 2002

If you're a huge 3LW fan and listen to them everywhere you go, then you should enter this killer 3LW contest at Kidzworld. You could win a cool mini disc player/recorder and 3LW CDs!

Lemony Snicket Book Giveaway!

Oct 18, 2002

Want a contest that gives away a series of books about the sad, tragic lives of three kids who were orphaned? No? Too bad cuz Kidzworld's got a Lemony Snicket Contest for ya! Enter at your own risk!

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