Casting Calls & Extra Work

Oct 11, 2002

Imagine auditioning for a Harry Potter movie or the next big action flick with Vin Diesel? Open casting calls are one way into the biz and you could even end up rubbing elbows with Josh Hartnett.

El Nino and La Nina Systems

Oct 11, 2002

In 1997, El Nino brought with it more energy than a million Hiroshima bombs. Curious about how weather systems can wreak so much havoc?

Quiz the Coach - No One Ever Picks Me!

Oct 15, 2002

I have fun playing sports but no one ever picks me for the teams because I suck at it. Once my friend said to the captain of the team, "Pick Sheena." The captain said, "No, she sucks."

Survivor 5 Thailand - Episode 4

Oct 12, 2002

So you watched epi 4 and got a lil' more insight on the 12 remaining Survivors. Do ya think you know 'em well enough to pick who'll be voted out on the next episode of Survivor Thailand?

Dear Dish-It, I Dated My Karate Teacher

Oct 15, 2002

I recently dated a guy who was a few years older than me and my karate trainer. I told mum because we tell each other everything. She got really mad and wouldn't talk to me for a week!

Columbus Day

Oct 15, 2002

What do you have to do to get a holiday named after you? You could do what Christopher Columbus did and discover some land!

Casting Call - American Idol 2

Oct 17, 2002

Wouldn't you die to be in Kelly Clarkson's shoes? She became an American Idol and snagged a recording contract overnight. Get the scoop on auditions for the next American Idol - it could be you!

The Boom Boom HuckJam Review

Oct 18, 2002

From Tony Hawk's first 360 to Carey Hart's final superman grab, the Boom Boom HuckJam is a two hour sensory overload that leaves your ears ringing and every synapse in your brain tingling.

Egypt - King Tut Revealed

Oct 17, 2002

Many mysteries surround King Tut-Ankh-Amen and his short reign as Egyptian pharaoh. Was he really murdered? We may never know all the answers but historians have some pretty good guesses.

Dear Dish-It, Should I Switch Schools?

Oct 17, 2002

I started high school this year. My junior high was split up into two different high schools. My "best friends" go to my school. They've been mean and are ignoring me and not talking to me lately...

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