Scooby Doo! First Frights :: Wii Game Review

Sep 23, 2009

If you're wondering "Scooby Doo! Where are you?" Look for snacking dog on the Wii! First Frights follows a familiar gameplay design, but how well does the crew fit in with it?

Fade to Blue Book Review

Sep 23, 2009

Experience the topsy-turvy world of Sophie Blue and Kenny Fade in the new science fiction novel, Fade to Blue.

New Moon Movie Gallery

Sep 23, 2009

Can you wait for New Moon to come out?! Neither can Kidzworld! So check out these great movie stills and get your Twilight fix. You won't be disappointed. Can we say Taylor Lautner is hot or what?!

Dakota Fanning Bio

Sep 23, 2009

With an upcoming role as Jane in Twilight’s New Moon, part of one of the most popular movie series in recent years, Dakota Fanning is keeping up the movie-star status she’s pretty much had all her life.

Top 5 Candy Myths

Sep 23, 2009

Not only are myths and urban legends fun to read about – it’s also a lot of fun trying to find out exactly how they started. Plus, candy is, well, great, so we decided to put the two together to bring you the Top 5 Candy Myths of all time.

Dear Dish-It: My Worst Enemy Asked Out My Crush

Sep 23, 2009

I like this boy and I think he likes me. I got my BFF to ask him out for me and he said yes. But then my worst enemy asked him out and he said yes, too! What do I do? I’m freaking out!

Dear Dish-It: Halloween Dress

Sep 23, 2009

For Halloween all I wanted was a beautiful dress to make me feel beautiful for once. But my mom said no and then my sisters started to gossip and say rude things to my face and my mom let them.

Dear Dish-It: Bossy BFF

Sep 23, 2009

My best friend is bossy. Should I keep her or kick her to the curb?

Dear Dish-It: Is He Nervous Or Does He Hate Me?

Sep 23, 2009

I’m going out with this guy but I'm not sure if he’s nervous or he doesn’t want to date me anymore ...

Dear Dish-It: He Hates Being Asked Out

Sep 23, 2009

I have a crush on this boy but he gets annoyed with girls asking him out. Should I do it anyway?

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You're having lunch in the cafeteria when a couple of peeps nearby start getting rowdy. What do you do?
  • Step in and break up the argument so nobody gets hurt.
  • Move to a new table so they don't spill your lunch.
  • Talk to them and see if you can calm them down.
  • Find out what the problem is and tell them how to solve it.