Sindy's Blog - December 14, 2006

Dec 15, 2006

My mom and dad always have to make buying their Christmas presents so difficult. They just act like such spoiled brats!

Rocky Balboa DVD Review

Dec 21, 2006

Can a 60 year old man challenge a young, quick boxing protege and succeed? Or will Rocky Balboa be down for the eight count? Find out here!

Brett Kelly Interview

Dec 21, 2006

Brett Kelly is making a name for himself in the Christmas-movie realm - from Bad Santa to Unaccompanied Minors. We sit down with this rising star.

All About Santa Claus

Dec 21, 2006

Santa Claus is headed your way soon, so find out more about this jolly man who represents all things Christmas!

Dreamgirls and Charlotte's Web Soundtrack Reviews

Dec 22, 2006

Christmas means plenty of good food, good friends and good movies. We review some of the latest soundtracks!

Dreamgirls DVD Review

Dec 23, 2006

Former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson makes her film debut in Dreamgirls - a musical of epic proportions!

Top 10 Albums of 2006

Dec 28, 2006

You've heard the rest, now here's the best. Kidzworld tracks down the best albums that 2006 had to offer!

Make Christmas Treats for Santa!

Dec 22, 2006

Santa Claus will be busy come Christmas Eve, so leave out some delicious treats to help him fuel up for his long journey!

Kidzworld's Top Five Card Games of 2006!

Dec 22, 2006

Find the coolest ways to duel with Gary's list of the five best card games, featuring ninjas, pirates, anime and more!

Sindy's Blog - December 28, 2006

Dec 29, 2006

With Christmas behind us, there's only New Year's Eve to look forward to! I hope I don't have to spend it with my family!

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