Go Skateboarding Day: June 21, 2009

Jun 16, 2009

On June 21 skateboarders around the world will celebrate the fun, creativity and spirit of one of the coolest and most popular activities in the world by going skateboarding. So blow off your TV, computer and video games and go skateboarding!

Dear Dish-It: Coming Out To My Parents

Jun 16, 2009

I’m bi and I’ve told my friends. They’re OK with it but my parents might not be. They’re constantly making bad comments about gays and bisexuals and I’m afraid of how they’ll react. What should I do?

I Spy A To Z Review

Jun 16, 2009

I Spy A To Z is a book of picture riddles by Jean Marzallo, with photos by Walter Wick. This is a cool book for any kid out there who likes riddles and puzzles and using their brains to figure things out.

The Story of Cirrus Flux Book Review

Jun 16, 2009

The author of Endymion Spring is back with new adventure about an orphan boy, a bird made of fire and a battle for a priceless token. Kidzworld reviews The Story of Cirrus Flux by Matthew Skelton.

Quiz the Coach: I Wanna Play Basketball

Jun 17, 2009

Hey Coach, This year our school isn't having any basketball teams. I want to play a sport, but all the other sport deadlines have past. What are some ideas I can use to be active and stay healthy, but involve basketball? It would really help, THANKS!

Jessie James Biography

Jun 17, 2009

Jessie James is America's most Wanted new popstar! Check out her bio!

Marapets vs. Neopets

Jun 17, 2009

What is Marapets, you ask? It's a virtual pet website almost identical to Neopets, but with a few fun advantages. Take a look at the pros and cons of Marapets.

Taylor Lautner Bio

Jun 17, 2009

Do you want to know how Taylor went from Shark Boy to Twilight's Wolf Man? Check out his bio!

Strawberry Hill Book Review

Jun 17, 2009

Strawberry Hill is a new book for kids by Mary Ann Hoberman. Here at Kidzworld we get a lot of messages from kids asking how they can make new friends. Well, even though it’s a novel (meaning it’s fictional or not a true story), this book just may hel

Pink Panther 2 Exclusive Clip

Jun 18, 2009

Love the Pink Panther? Can't wait for the second movie to come out on DVD? Then check out this exclusive clip from the Pink Panther 2!

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