Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop :: DS Game Review

Nov 02, 2009

Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop, the latest in the Cooking Mama series, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be a gourmet chef. Rather, it’s about how good you are at putting recipes together on time.

Lea Michele Bio

Nov 02, 2009

One of our fave new shows this season is Glee, about a high-school glee club whose members include Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele, a really talented singer whose enthusiasm often causes her to be teased by some of her classmates.

Dear Dish-It: I'm In Love With A Celebrity

Nov 02, 2009

I’m in love with this guy that could never love me back because he is famous. He thinks I only love him as a fan but I’d love him no matter what. What should I do?

Celebrity Couples: Kate Hudson & A-Rod

Nov 02, 2009

As the World Series heats up so is the romance between actress Kate Hudson and New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod. According to the latest reports, the couple is getting serious about making a life together.

Neat November Holidays

Nov 02, 2009

Oh, November - a month that’s got a bit of a bad rap. Falling in-between Halloween and Christmas it’s easy to forget that a lot of great holidays happen in November. Here are some of our favorites!

National Sandwich Day

Nov 02, 2009

It's not just a cheesy (pun intended!) excuse for a holiday or a chance for Subway make more dough (ha ha!). National Sandwich Day is just about...sandwiches!

NERF 2: N-Strike Elite :: Wii ::: Game/Toy Review, Video & Discussion

Nov 03, 2009

NERF 2: N-Strike Elite is the second installment in the NERF N-Strike series by Hasbro/EA. It's a toy/video game best-selling combo exclusively for Wii.

Space Cowboy: Digital Rock Star :: Bio, CD Review, Video & Discussion

Nov 03, 2009

If you’ve been listening to Lady Gaga’s platinum-selling album The Fame chances are you’ve heard her duet Starstruck with Space Cowboy, in which you can hear Lady G’s rallying cry: Space Cowboy just play that track!

DJ Hero: Wii :: Game Review, Videos & Discussion

Nov 03, 2009

With so many rhythm-based games around how do you sort the awesome ones from the ho-hum ones? Well, you can visit Kidzworld and check Games Reviews, to start! Like this one for DJ Hero.

Bananagrams: Toy Review, Video & Discussion

Nov 03, 2009

A funny name for a super-fun game! Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game where the goal is to make as many freeform crossword puzzles as you can.

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