Dear Dish-It: How Do I Get Him Back?

Jul 25, 2009

How do you get a boy that dumped you once to like you again?

G-Force Movie Review

Jul 26, 2009

Can a team of trained guinea pigs stop an international company from taking over the world? Find out in G-Force, the 3D movie adventure.

Dear Dish-It: My BFF's A Bully

Jul 27, 2009

My best friend is very bossy. She tried to intimidate me by picking on me. Should I still be her friend or kick her to the curb?

Dear Dish-It: My Friend Gossips

Jul 27, 2009

My friend is always talking about guys she’s crushing on or other girls we know. I’ve told her she should try talking about other things but she doesn’t listen.

Dear Dish-It: We're Drifting Apart

Jul 27, 2009

My friend is turning into someone I don’t like. What should I do?

Ball Claw Review

Jul 27, 2009

What do a basketball, football, volleyball and soccer ball have in common? The Ball Claw!

Hot Chelle Rae : I Like To Dance

Jul 27, 2009

Do you like to dance? Apparently, so do the members of Hot Chelle Rae, whose first single is called – you guess it – I Like To Dance.

Dear Dish-It: I Want A Cell Phone

Jul 27, 2009

My parents won’t let me have a cell phone. I am 11 years old and everyone I know has one. They always say "the time will come" but it seems like it never will.

Dear Dish-It: About My Body

Jul 27, 2009

I woke up one day with some pains in the lower part of my body and when I checked my panties, there was a sticky brown discharge. Can you tell me what it is?

Dear Dish-It : Top 10 :: Making Friends

Jul 27, 2009

One of the top 10 questions to Dear Dish-It is: How do I make new friends?

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You're having lunch in the cafeteria when a couple of peeps nearby start getting rowdy. What do you do?
  • Step in and break up the argument so nobody gets hurt.
  • Move to a new table so they don't spill your lunch.
  • Talk to them and see if you can calm them down.
  • Find out what the problem is and tell them how to solve it.